How To Order from Precision Pearl Inc.

Catalog Inlays:

  • Browse Catalog for Inlay Designs. Most are available loose or Inlaid.
  • Choose inlay material. We offer a wide variety of solid shell, laminated shell, stone, acrylic, metal and wood.
  • Call or email to discuss details and pricing.

New Custom Inlays:

  • We start with your design, drawing or concept.
  • Drawings can be sent in DXF or DWG file.
  • The design, drawing and program fee is $60 per hour.  Simple designs or drawings take about one hour.  Complex inlays or Inlays requiring design and program work can take 5 to 8 or more hours.
  • 1st you will get a drawing for approval ,a quote and an invoice for the design and or program time.
  • 2nd we will make a first article run. That can be 1-5 inlays (sets). You will receive and invoice and the inlays will be sent to you.
  • 3rd we make your order. A minimum order is based on your needs and how many logos or inlays make in a run. Inlaid pegheads are cut in groups of 9, guitar fingerboards groups of 6.
  • 4th you use all of the inlays
  • 5th Reorder

Reorder Inlays

  • Call 512-442-4941 or email order.
  • You will receive order confirmation
  • Depending on the size of your order the turn around is 2-4 weeks.
  • When your order is ready you will get an emailed invoice and your packaged will be shipped.

General Information:

  • Shipping address - Precision Pearl Inc. 7208 Cooper lane Austin TX 78745
  • If you are sending wood we like it to be all the same thickness. If we have to thickness your wood the charge is $5 per veneer.
  • Inlay orders for export that contain shell products will be declared with FWS and shipped UPS.  Declaration fees and shipping charges will be invoiced to the customer.
  • All shell products stocked by Precision Pearl Inc. have been legally imported and declared through FWS at the time of importation.